31st Jan 2018

About the Exhibition

Engravings, closely related to printings, has never ceased. Since its early appearance in the history for religious reasons, it has been widely used in propaganda of art and culture, which served an important role of spiritual life in China in 1960s and 1970s. In China, this technique has an official name as “Mu Ban Shui Yin (Woodblock Water-colour Printing)”.
We realise in Europe and China, master engravers have been regarded very differently. In this exhibition, we are trying to explore the relationship between artisans and artists who spent their lives in making engravings. It is an interesting point on a continual dialogue of legacy and homage. 
The 2018 Paris exhibition, “The Master Engravers”, is aiming at presenting a tour through the history of engravings in China and Europe from 15th Century to 20th Century. By emphasizing on Shanghaism style engravings, we are looking at the similarities between Shanghai and Paris. In addition, we are comparing how tradition and artistic creation being practiced in France and in China. Through on-site demonstration, hands-on sessions, round table panels, videos, workshops, we are trying our best to offer a full-vision of woodblock water-colour printing technique. 


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