Paris Exhibition 2018

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Duoyunxuan Woodblock Engraving

Exhibition Paris 2018


Mairie du XIIIe arrondissement
1 Place d’Italie
75013 Paris


26. 02. 2018 – 03. 03. 2018

On 27th Feb
18:00 Opening ceremony
18:30 Cocktail & Guided tour
19:30 Round Table Seminar – Artisans and Artists

Free entry

About the Exhibition


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Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais, is a new public cultural establishment that reports to the Minister for Culture and Communication of France. The Rmn-GP was set up in 2011 following the merger between the Réunion des musées nationaux and the Grand Palais, hence its name.

Duo Yun Xuan Groupe

Shanghai Duo Yun Xuan was established in 1900, the 26th year of Qing Emperor Guangxu. It is famous for being called “The Art House of Jiangnan” in China. Its Woodblock Water-colour Printing technique has been credited as China Intangible Cultural Heritage. Over its hundred-year-history, Duo Yun Xuan has a large collection of Shanghaism paintings.

LOOP 75 Art Consultancy

Loop 75 Art Consultancy is dedicated to organising exhibitions in Europe and China. It offers consultancy to varies collectors. Its clients are usually institutions, big brands and interior design companies.

Galerie New Image

Galerie New Image, located in central Paris, is dedicated to promoting oriental arts. It serves talented Asian artists and artists whose works inspired by oriental style. The gallery is also committed to discovering new generations of artists, particularly from Asia and Europe.

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SuStyle Culture & Media is specialised in promoting Chinese art works outside China. It organises art exhibitions and cultural events. Its ultimate goal is to create a platform to improve the cultural influence of Chinese arts. It also is the only official overseas agency selling Duo Yun Xuan Woodblock Water-colour Printings.

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